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Asset Decommissioning


When the time comes to retire your computer assets, we understand how you need an IT asset disposition partner that acts like an extension of your internal team.


At ITAD NZ we pride ourselves on being able to integrate with your team to manage the process of preparing equipment for reuse or disposal. Partnering with ITAD NZ provides you with a range of benefits – including:

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Information Technology

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IT assets at the end of their useful life for your company may still be desirable for someone else – and therefore still be able to deliver some value for you. This is where we can help.


By connecting your assets with the right buyers, we can maximize their value and create a new revenue stream for your business. The added bonus is that by recycling equipment, you’re also minimising environmental impact.


You can maximise return on the investment you made in purchasing your IT assets through using our market knowledge combined with our refurbishing capabilities.


Once you’ve decided you no longer need any IT assets, we can audit, repair and refresh them. We take care of any technicalities – such as ensuring corporate identifiers are removed and data sanitized.


Revenue from asset sales will be returned to you through one of the following models:

Outright Purchase
This is when ITAD NZ buys your IT assets directly from you. This option is best suited to businesses and organisations that have a regular turnover of standard office IT equipment. The advantage of selling directly to ITAD NZ is that you get paid quickly, and we take on any valuation risk.

This is when we sell your unwanted IT equipment on your behalf.  Prior to selling, we agree on how the proceeds will be split, and once a sale has been completed you receive your share. We recommend the consignment model in situations when the priority is to gain maximum return on your IT investment, rather than a quick sale.

Charitable Donations:
Another option available to organisations and businesses selling their unwanted IT assets is to donate the new "found" proceeds to charities. ITAD NZ can facilitate this process on your behalf, and with the charity of your choice or through our partners Digital Wings Find out More


We decommission and remarket various assets ranging from IT Equipment to Office Furniture and are scalable from 1-10000 assets!

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To find out more about an option to suit your organisation, please get in touch for a free and confidential consultation. We can even provide an on-the-spot, no obligation quote for your decommissioned assets.

Our well established local and international channels mean we can service consignments of any scale and still maintain fair market value for your product. So whether you’ve got one IT asset or 10,000, we’re always interested in purchasing.

Onsite Collection

Assign unique consignment/batch order number

Test and assess the product to record spec, model and serial of product, identify faults and condition.

Add unique ITAD NZ asset tag/barcode

Remove Corporate Identifiers

Data Destruction – Level to be specified by client

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Asset class sorting, with priority to re-use if not recycle.

Refurbish and prepare for re-sale

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