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Retail asset recovery was born from the demand of established clients who required not only a solution for End of Life IT Products, but also a solution for reject merchandise including customer returns, clearance stock, and product end of line.

Our model allows retailers to manage their product lines and create new end markets for products often destine for landfill.  The benefit of partnering with ITAD NZ is our strong Off-Shore channels so retailers do not find themselves competing against their own products locally.

From make-up sets and hair dryers, to hand drills and hammocks, our warehouse is definitely not short of variety.

Did you know

Retail Asset Recovery is a complex and often

neglected part of many businesses and is one

of the fastest growing divisions in ITAD NZ!


The New Standard
in IT Asset Disposition

Did You Know?

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans!


*Measured by weight

Source NOAA Marine Debris Program.

Greenpeace, One Green Planet