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Retail Asset Recovery

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Retail asset recovery has emerged as a viable solution to meet the increasing demands of retailers who require an effective method to efficiently manage a variety of rejected merchandise, including customer returns, damaged or clearance stock, and discontinued products. Collaborating with ITAD NZ offers numerous compelling incentives for both traditional "bricks and mortar" and online retailers.

Here are some benefits of partnering with us:

  1. Our solution ensures that returned products hold tangible value, especially when returning them to the original manufacturer is not feasible.

  2. We provide support for handling, administration, and logistics of products returned to your suppliers.

  3. By utilizing our services, customers can significantly reduce storage, handling, and administration costs associated with processing customer returns. We offer tailored solutions to alleviate the burden of returns processing.

  4. Active participation in our sustainable practices allows customers to contribute to the development of an environmentally friendly and responsible business ecosystem. We focus on reducing landfill waste by examining your product streams and advising on maximizing re-use and recycling of unwanted products.

An interesting aspect to consider is that retailers must continuously enhance their return policies to remain competitive in today's market and enhance the shopping experience for their customers. Research from overseas has shown that an easy and simple returns policy is a significant factor influencing potential customers' buying decisions, particularly in the online retail market.

By partnering with ITAD NZ, retailers can overcome the challenges of managing returns and seize the opportunity to recoup revenues, cut costs, and tailor their customer returns policies to maximize customer appeal. Contact us today to discover the range of services we can offer to benefit your business.

Did you know

Retail Asset Recovery is a complex and often

neglected part of many businesses and is one

of the fastest growing divisions in ITAD NZ!

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